Give 4 Green

Support Our Community Park Project!

Park Update

New Freedom Heritage is excited to announce that after many years of dreaming and planning the Freedom Green Community Park is a reality. The park includes walkways, benches, bike racks, lighting, picnic tables, landscaping, signage and a covered pavilion.

Want to do more?

We are gladly accepting larger monetary donations to help fund site features such as benches, trees etc. Residents and friends can support site features in their own name, a business name or as a gift for family or friends.

Please Help Us Spread the Word

As you probably know, the cost of advertising or sending letters to all New Freedom residents is expensive. And, the most effective method is word of mouth. That is why we are asking all of our members, friends and supporters to talk about our park fundraising program to:

Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, Business Associates, Churches, Community Groups

Thank you!

We truly appreciate your help in supporting New Freedom Heritage! The Freedom Green be a great place to walk your dog, meet up with neighbors, sit on a bench and eat ice cream, have a picnic, park your bike and rest, listen to music, play checkers, learn about the stream, watch the Christmas Tree be lit up and look at the stars while watching an outdoor movie. It is a now a New Freedom landmark, a place we will all be proud of.

We look forward to seeing you on the Green!